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We are a holistic luxury floatation and wellness spa, dedicated to supporting and inspiring you to discover the Bliss you are seeking, at the deepest level of your being.



We believe everyone has the capacity to feel well, be inspired and be the best version of themselves.

Floatation therapy is a way to attain the very deepest relaxation possible. By resting your senses, and allowing your body to be held buoyant, by a warmed sea of Epsom salts, within your own spacious and sound proof floatation pod, you are gifting yourself a vital opportunity to unplug, let go and rest deeply. The environment of sensory deprivation fosters the most ideal conditions for healing, replenishment and self nourishment to occur.

After all bliss is an inside job...



 Introductory Pass

$159 for 3 floats

Take space for you. Immerse into your own private, floatation pod, completely weightless as you lie back and let go. In this gravity free environment, the body balances and heals internally as all of the body senses are rested. Unplugging from every sound, stimuli and outside stress is made easy in this space.


infrared sauna

Introductory Pass

$99 for 3 sessions

Enjoy our unique full-spectrum infrared sauna with chromotherapy, within your own private suite. Choose from a range of programs that support specific outcomes with targeted blends of life-enhancing and deeply nourishing infrared heat.


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