+ How do you ensure the water in the pods is clean?

The water in our pods is incredibly pure, clean & hygenic. Most likely, far cleaner than any swimming pool or spa you’ve taken a dip in. The Dreampod comes well equipped with several features to continuously maintain the quality and hygiene of the water. The main filter is a 10 micron filter bag, capable of filtering debris in the water 100 times smaller than the size of a human hair. Additionally, The water in the pod is roughly 40% magnesium sulfate (Epson Salt), essentially making the water sterile. No pathogenic organisms can survive salt concentrations above 10%. Water is also pumped by a UV light array, taking care of any micro-organisms that survives the extremely high salt content of the water. After each session, the whole body of water cycles through a powerful filtration system containing UV lamps and a micron filter 3 - 4 times, providing our guests with the most pristine water environment possible. We regularly test and balance the water throughout the day.

+ When should I arrive?

Please aim to arrive 10 minutes early and take a few minutes to wind down in our welcome lounge before your session begins. Entering your float room in a relaxed state will maximize your float experience. This is why we advise disconnecting from all electronic devices prior to your arrival.

+ What do I need to bring?

You are welcome to bring your swimsuit, however most prefer to float in the nude as material on the body stimulates the senses. We provide ear plugs, towels and organic bath and body products products for after your float. We also provide a hairdryer. Feel free to bring your own hair brush/comb, contact lense case, deodorant, and anything else that makes you feel as though you're at home!

+ I'm claustrophobic, is it for me?

This is a very common question. During your float, you are in complete control of the environment. To ease into it, for your first float or two you can choose to float with the light on, music or a guided meditation, and you can even leave the pod door open slightly for the duration of your entire float or open it up at any time should you feel the need. Our pods are some of the largest in the market today and are extremely spacious and inviting, so anxiety around small enclosed spaces quickly goes away once you step inside our pods. On a whole, floating is a very freeing experience and extremely benfitical to anyone who suffers from stress and anxiety.

+ How do I need to prepare for my float?

There is little you need to do but a couple of things to keep in mind. It is best to avoid shaving or waxing before floating. We provide vitamin a&d barrier balm for any small cuts. Please do not wear any hair or skin products prior to floating and we advise not to drink coffee for at least a couple of hours beforehand. Other than that, there is little you need to go except show up!

+ What do I do if I get bored during my float?

If floating is a new experience for you, it may take a couple of floats for you to completely let go and relax into it. Your first couple of floats as such can be the most challenging ones. We recommend focusing on your breathing, letting go of expectations, and enjoying this sacred space you have for you! Whilst it might feel like little is happening, there is so much going within in terms of your body and mind healing and replenishing itself. In addition, we offer the unique experience of in-pod guided meditations, customised specifically to support and guide you deeper into your float experience.

+ I'm pregnant. Can I float?

Yes absolutely. In fact, pregnant women have used floating to relieve the stress on their bodies for decades. It is the most ideal time to float! If you’re in your first trimester or have any concerns, please consult with your doctor before booking a float.

+ What are the benefits of Epsom salts?

Magnesium Sulfate is a mineral, which has been shown to help detoxify the body, strengthen the immune system, trigger the release of endorphins (happy chemicals), and provide relief for physical, mental, and emotional stress and fatigue.

+ What if I fall asleep?

It's not uncommon for people to fall asleep, or to think they have fallen asleep in the pod. As your body relaxes and your mind restores, your brain moves into Theta state, that which you enter into as you drift between waking and sleep consciousness, or if you are moving into a deep meditation.
If it happens, it's fine to fall asleep in the pod and is a sure sign that you need to take this rest for youself. You will continue to float normally and music will awaken you in the last 5 minutes. Rest assurred too, it is impossible to drown in such a highly dense salt solution so enjoy the rest.

+ Can 2 people float in the same tank at once?

At Bliss Float we are passionate about floating being experienced solo. Whilst one of our pods is large enough to accommodate 2 people floating, we believe that floating is deeply personal and to attain the maximum benefits is most optimal enjoyed alone. However, as we do have 3 individual pods, you can book at the same time as your nearest & dearest.

+ Under what circumstances should I not float?

We recommend avoiding float if you on the first three days of your menstrual cycle, if you have just had a spray tan, or recently dyed your hair.

+ What about my hair?

Please do not shave or wax the day of your float. Due to the high density of epsom salts in the water, the chances of your skin being irritated if it has just been shaved, is quite high. Also, if you have recently dyed your hair, please schedule your session when your hair color has set, typically one week after your coloring.

+ It's Bulimba. Where can I park?

At Bliss Float we have two customer parking places out the front of our centre. There are also 4 marked visitor places. At all other times, if our car spaces are full, you should be able to find parking in the surrounding streets or across the road in the Woolworths carpark, which has free, unrestricted parking if you use the supermarket. Please allow enough time to find a park whilst respecting ur neighbours.

+ Can I eat before I float?

Yes, a light meal is fine. If possible though try to eat a few hours before the float so you won't need to use the bathroom in the middle of your session. Also avoid caffeine a few hours prior to entering the pod.