For those times when you feel burdened by stress and worry, floatation uniquely offers, a true shift of perspective and a way to eliminate symptoms of stress and anxiety, that is so achievable, leaving you free of cares and spacious in your mind.

Inside the darkness and quietness of the float pods, your mind is free to drift into the deepest place of rest and relaxation possible. By eliminating sensory input and stimuli, like light, sound, temperature and gravity, no commands are needing to be sent out and the logical part of our brain becomes more redundant as its activity slows down considerably. In this space a less rigid thought process takes over. This is deeply restorative for your mind and as this occurs, you naturally become more in sync with the creative side of your brain.

Stress hormones are removed from the bloodstream and replaced with vast amounts of beneficial, feel good endorphins, the body’s natural opiates. These endorphins help to render you in a dream-like state, accompanied by vivid imagery, clear thoughts and persepctive, sudden insights, epiphanies and inspiration.

Furthermore, these "pleasure" chemicals released from the brain create greater feelings of joy, confidence and well-being.

Once your mind is free and more at rest, your body can focus on healing itself.

Additionally research has shown floating to have a vast improved performance in memory and concentration.